2015 BEST PICTURE!!! The Masked Saint

June 12, 2015 5:41 am


‘The Masked Saint’ an Inspirational Story based on a True Story of Pastor Chris Waley starring Brett Granstaff

Based on a true story, The Masked Saint details the journey of Chris Samuels, a professional wrestler and family man who realizes he needs something more. His calling to become a pastor prompts him to return from wrestling and move with his wife and his daughter to a small town. Yet the battles he faced in the ring are minor compared to the challenges he must overcome at his new church.

From an overbearing congregant and failing attendance to mounting bills for church repairs, Chris has his hands full. When he stumbles onto a fight on the seedy side of town, his passion for justice and wrestling skills take down the assailant and a masked vigilante is born.

His talent, as well as his violent secret identity, begins to overshadow his calling as a pastor and it takes his faith and family to remind him about grace, goodness and the truth.


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